Redeployment Support

The aim of redeployment is to provide you with the support to assist you into reasonable alternative employment and minimise the likelihood of redundancy. We value your skills, knowledge and experience and aim to retain these wherever possible. As part of a range of support you will have the opportunity to apply for roles with priority consideration.

Please note that with effect from 4th July the Recruitment Team are soft launching a new IT system called E-Recruitment. During the soft launch period between 4th July and the end of August a dual system will be running with DDTS and Clinical vacancies being managed via the new E-Recruitment and all others being managed via the current system.

This may affect the way applying for a vacancy may look to redeployees. From 4th July the Internal Restricted Vacancy Report will no longer be published, and the National Vacancies Bulletin will be the place to look for any vacancy a redeployee may wish to apply for either with or without priority. 

This does not in any way affect a Redeployee’s right to priority for NHSBT vacancies but the way you apply may differ if the vacancy is within DDTS or Clinical.  All other vacancies will not be affected.  Please see the attached slides for more information on how redeployees apply for vacancies.

We have a Redeployment FAQ page which details all of the key information you will need to help you through the redeployment process.

You may like to look at the Career Development Toolkit page for career support. Also, you may like to refer to the Organisational Change policy for further information. If you are interested in attending a course, visit the Courses page

If you require any further information please contact HR Direct via the Contact Us page.