Learning and Development

To access any information regarding Organisation and Workforce Development, use the list below:


Links to the different types of courses including personal development and mandatory courses. Information on how to book courses and how to access the rolling calendar

Leadership and Management Development

This page contains information on Leadership and Management Development initiatives:

  • Leadership Ladder
  • Developing your Team activities and Resources
  • Career development toolkit
  • Online tutorials

Mandatory Training

Information on NHSBT's mandatory training, what it is and how to access it

Talent and Succession Planning

Information on Talent and Succession planning within NHSBT, having the right people, in the right roles, at the right time.

Development Tools and Resources

Tools and resources to support your personal and professional development

Personal Development Funding

Information on what funding can be accessed for personal and professional development. Introductory details to NHSBT's Apprenticeship scheme

Scientific and Clinical Development and Training

Information on Scientific and Clinical Development and Training, and information on career development support.

Work experience and Placements

Information on NHSBT's work experience and placement opportunities

If you are unable to find the information you require or have any queries of questions you can raise a query with HR Direct

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